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Health & Safety Management Support

We promote health and safety at work, taking environmental responsibility by helping our clients to achieve compliance and maintain it.

Health and safety management support

Workplace safety in compliance with current legislation.
We help you to achieve compliance by creating, implementing and maintaining health and safety management systems and procedures.
We help you to achieve compliance by creating, implementing and maintaining health and safety management systems and procedures.
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Health & Safety Support Services

Our HSE outsourced services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Health & Safety Files

Health and safety files should be accessible on site at all times [Construction Regulation 7(1)(b)]. Easily run your safety management system by creating customised safety files that fits your business.

Implementing HSE Systems

Choosing a HSE management system depends on the type of business and/or the risk the employees are exposed to. Whether the system is to provide a safe working environment or to become compliant according to the safety acts, there are unique systems available that will reach your objectives.

Reporting Injuries & Claims

Reporting injuries to compensation commissioner or Department of Labour if and when required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. We also assist with injury on duty process claims.

HSE Inspection of Facilities

We offer monthly inspection of primary business premises and other sites. Inspection outcomes focus on applicable standards, legislations and corrective actions that need to be implemented. Examples include HSE signage, emergency evacuation routes and/or inspection of facilities as per facility regulations.

Project/Construction Safety Officers and Representatives

Safety Officers or Representatives can be provided to clients on short- or long-term projects.

24H Legal & Compliance Assistance

24 Hour assistance will be provided to clients with regards to HSE information and legal assistance when required.

Incident/Accident Investigation

Investigations should be conducted according to severity. Routine or per event investigations include minor or serious injuries, while Deep Dive investigations are for more serious incidents and accidents. Flash reports and Lessons Learned documents are designed to learn from such events.

Reporting Injuries & Claims

We offer annual HSE compliance audits that identify gaps in your HSE system. This will provide valuable information on corrections that need to be implemented.

Correspondence with Department of Labour

We assist with the application for notification of construction work and also correspond with the Department of Labour.

HSE Inspection of Facilities

As per Construction Regulation 10(a), a Fall Protection Plan must be developed when employees are working at height. This plan must also include a rescue plan. We develop Fall Protection Plans according to your worksite and the applicable legislation requirements.

Maintenance on HSE systems

Monthly inspection of facilities and systems, as well as refresher training on how to maintain the HSE system are provided to ensure compliance.

HSE Packages

Designed to ensure our clients to stay up to date with all changing legal and workplace safety regulations. Our packages can be customised according to your health and safety needs

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